The Magic of Transformation

Random Acts of Glamour

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The Open Runway

It takes the fear out of "Being Bold - Being You"

The Instant Transformation

The experience is instantaneous, and it doesn't require special styling or even makeup.

The Testimony

Dear Nelli,

How can I begin to thank you for our time today where I “modeled” your creations?!

Through the creative, fun process – the truth which seems to elude us young women, hit home and touched my heart. On the way home, I didn’t cry physical tears, but my heart wept. I didn’t realize how much fear and insecurity I had in this area. In fact anything with fashion, I couldn’t imagine being a part of it. You changed my views about beauty through art, from now on I will see people in a way that identifies and values their uniqueness, in the composition of the face and body, and without any pre-conceived judgements. And for me, somehow my experience today has taught my heart to enjoy myself, be free without makeup or worrying how I look and steward the “beauty” that’s already there. 

Art was an experience, a transformation. I am changed!

Thank you!