About Me

My Background


When I was in preschool, my favorite time of day was when I was allowed to draw and paint, I loved reading and drawing illustrations. 

As I got older, this love never faded and eventually I went to college to study art, illustration and design. 


My Medium


I use many different mediums, such as graphite, clay, acrylics, and paper, recently I added the digital media to my tool box. I believe that working in a single medium is restrictive to my artistic process. Each idea manifests in its own individual style.

My Inspiration


My inspiration is the life in its variations and colors. The ordinary things look not so ordinary from my perspective, and I challenge myself to communicate my vision with emotional clarity of expression.

The Art Family

Loving Art - Sharing Art

 My love for Art goes beyond my own derived pleasure from creating new artistic representations. I teach Art to spread the benefits of creative involvement: the sense of personal satisfaction and fulfillment that will flower along with evolving artistic expression. 

There is a book that called The Art Family, it's my Love-For-Art testimony and an inspiration for the art beginners. I am working on adaptation of The Art Family for the Kids Fashion Show that coming up in the end of August of 2019.



Random Acts of Glamour


Mystic Russian Art creating mysteries

The Art that transforms the ordinary into extraordinary, the Random Acts of Glamour is a very personal experience with art of wear, inspiring and revealing the true beauty and femininity. The heart of Random Acts of Glamour project is beating for its impact on real individuals who are inspired to explore the power of art. 

Wearable Art