The Art Family



It all started long time ago, when my sons were in grade school and despised the Art for it was boring and pointless. I was hurt and determined to do something about it, to illuminate the Art Education for young people and their families.



Book signing is always a great way to meet and greet new Art Family members. This one was at the Park Road Books in Charlotte, had some great conversations and made many new friends.



 Just purchased this cool book on Amazon. Not only did Nelli write it for kids interested in art, but it could easily inform adult artists too. Fun for the entire family. I recommend it highly. 

Mikel Frank


The Art Family in person


The Big News


The Art Family is coming to life! August 31 2019, at the Charlotte fashion Week Finally. In the spring of 2020 it's becoming a play!

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The second part in The Art Family project is the application of the learned and practiced. The lessons are offered in groups and privately. 

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